Steel Material has been TOTO Global's INITIAL BUSINESS and a stepping stone towards becoming one of the leading companies in Korea's steel industry.
Trading business dealing in steel materials including WIRE ROD, GALVANIZED WIRE, STEEL SCRAPS, SLABS and many other types of steel materials not only have helped this company prosper but also put TOTO Global on the map and helped to earn what matters most: TRUST

Both our suppliers and we work together as a team to improve what needs to be improved, comb thoroughly in advance for any errors that might cause problems, and constantly make future plans one step at a time, to lead all of our partners in steel industries to success.

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."
We have, we are, and we will pursue success ONE STEP AT A TIME.

TOTO Global is partnered with numerous steel material suppliers and buyers across the globe.